A Proper Beginning

So I figured with this post I should actually talk about who I am and why I made this blog and important things like that. You know, as opposed to going on about how I can’t write a decent post. Which is a given, so really I should just accept it and move on to other things.


First, the basics.

My name is Josie. I live in Canada. I am in my teenage years of life. I am 5’1″, which is a constant source of despair for me.

Now the things that are actually important.

My favourite word is “melancholy”. I love to read. I hate the colour orange, unless it’s in the sky or fruit. I am left-handed. I put my toilet paper facing down. I have a pet bird. I am a die-hard nerdfighter. I don’t know how to whistle. Now you know everything there is to know about me.


There were two catalysts that sparked the making of this blog. 1. My birthday is coming up. 2. I have recently been reading a lot of Dickinson, specifically the poem If I should die¹. These two events have combined to make me realize that, like it or not, I am getting older and if I should die (haha) tomorrow, I would like a little piece of me to live on in the world. On the flip-side however, if I don’t die tomorrow I want to be able to look back on today knowing that it existed, and that I did something. And what better proof of that then a poorly written, sorta-not-really entertaining blog?²

So what should you expect from here? I’m not really sure yet, but mostly more rambling, attempts to form my jumbled thoughts into sentences, and chronicles of my search for the elusive something, as said in the paragraph above. I also really like books and travelling, so there might be posts about those things in the future too. However, I don’t actually know what exactly I want to talk about, but I imagine that as somethings happen to me, I’ll transform those into words and immortalize it on the internet. Hopefully.



Melancholy melancholy melancholy melancholy melancholy melancholy melancholy




¹If I should die by Emily Dickinson

²As you go on reading said blog, you’ll find that I’m all about the self-deprecation. It’s one of my only joys in life.


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