Another Year, Another List of Unreasonably Optimistic Goals

The only death that doesn’t cause grief is that of a year.

2014 is old and dying and chugging out its last few days, but it goes unnoticed for people are already pushing it aside in anticipation of the New Year. And as I am one of those people, I think it’s high time to get with the crowd and make some New Year’s Resolutions.

I am determined, she says to herself firmly, to actually make reasonable goals and stick to them. I’m going to ignore my track record of the past and say that 2015 looks like a good year for resolutions. Yes, indeed, I’m liking the look of it. So here they are, my definitely doable and not at all unreasonable goals for what I will achieve in the next 365 days or so.

Complete the 50 Books Challenge

Starting this off with a bang. I have no idea what makes me think I can do this, considering that I didn’t even meet my goal of 25 books this year. But go big or go home, right? One book a week isn’t that bad. This is absolutely achievable. Yes. Moving on.

Keep On Blogging Away

For this, I shall keep my standards low. One post a month for twelve months. Easy.

But I actually do want to build my blog. It’s something I enjoy doing so I’m going to put in some effort this year.

The “E” Word

Every New Year’s Resolution list has to have an exercise goal. Mine will be to get at least 150 minutes of “Daily Physical Activity” in every week. I say this because it’s actually a requirement for school and so far I may or may not have been telling untruths. So yes. Exercise. Not at all daunting.

Learn How to Fend For Myself in the Wild (i.e. university)

University is looming ahead (this is a whole other blog post, don’t even get me started), and if I’m going to be living on my own in the future, I’m going to need to be able to sustain myself. That means learning to cook, an area in which I am horribly lacking in skill.


It may not be immediately obvious from my previous blog posts about absolutely nothing, but I don’t get out much. I know, surprising. So my last, cliché resolution is simply to enjoy the world more. I will endeavor to get out and explore everything from my own neighbourhood, to my city, to (hopefully) the whole world. And in a way that doesn’t hurt my poor wallet any more than this shopping season has.

There. Five Resolutions. Shouldn’t be too hard, she says desperately trying to reassure herself.

Funny thing: Making this list has gotten me really excited for the coming year. I’m seeing this bright white expanse unfolding before me in my mind, with “2015” hanging over it in marquee lights. I’m getting giddy at the thought of a brand new year. And what a nice number, too.

So, 2014, it has been lovely getting to know you. Although we have had our disagreements, you have treated me well and I will remember you fondly. It is with loving arms that I push you aside and eagerly greet your Heir. 2015, I’m looking forward to a bumpy and beautiful year.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


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