The Comeback

I must admit that I actually forgot I had a blog. It wasn’t a willful forgetting (I’m going to force myself to forget that I tripped and fell in front of the school), or even a temporary one (I’ll just forget that I have homework for the next hour and then remember again). I just…forgot.

And now I’m back again because it’s the time of year for university applications and I’m desperately digging through my old writing hoping for a gem beautiful enough to make admissions officers cry.

Unfortunately, this blog does not have a lot of useable material.


So what have I been doing in the past few months? The short answer: nothing. The long answer: absolutely nothing except a bit of crying. I never was much of a crier until this school year, but research assures me that, the further along you advance in your school career, the more you cry. At least I can be comforted in knowing that I’m not the only one who breaks down in bathroom stalls during English class, unable to handle the stress of anything anymore.

What a comfort.


Well, this is all that my university-obsessed brain and puke out right now. Farewell until next time. Maybe that will be when I’m applying for grad school (assuming that I even make it that far).


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