Monday Memories II

I’m usually late to the game when it comes to the hip new products that cool kids use, and never was this more true than with Spotify. Only today did I discover their “Discover Weekly” playlists, and to say that it has totally revolutionized my musical life would be an understatement. Listening to all these beautifully emotive songs, a memory that is inextricably tied with music suddenly surfaced.


My family loves to take road trips, and one factor that determines whether a trip is memorable or not is its playlist. Cruising down the highway, music floating above your head—why, it’s what all great movie montages are made of. During one particularly long drive down the California interstate, the sun gently shone, the hills serenely rolled by, and We Are Young by fun. blasted all around the small car. I rested my head by my window and watched as the glowing landscape blurred in front of my eyes in this perfect moment. Now the song We Are Young will always be tied with sunny California, peaceful drives, and contentment.


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