2016 Books in Charts & Graphs

2016 Books in Charts & Graphs

Number of Books Read: 21

Number of Pages Read: 6642


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Beautiful Books | Canterbury Classics

Beautiful Books | Canterbury Classics

I love books. I love reading them, I love buying them, I love looking at them, I love talking about them, and I love making blog posts about them. It’s an obsession, and one that I don’t want to get rid of any time soon.

Beyond just reading a book for its story, I also enjoy the physical object of it, which is why I try to buy the most beautiful edition of a book whenever I can. I believe in appreciating a book for its design and appearance, in addition to the story itself. In my quest for the perfect library, I’ve found that I gravitate towards editions of classic books. One of my favourite such collections are the Canterbury Classics’s Leatherbound Classics.


As of January 2015 there are eighteen books in this collection, and all of them equally beautiful. I first came across two in Costco a few years ago and immediately purchased them. As I did more research I discovered that there were more than just the two that I had. Thus began my unhealthy obsession with buying (and reading, of course) all of them.



Each book in the collection has a lovely front and back cover, as well as gorgeous end papers and golden edges. They also each come with a handy little ribbon bookmark. Not to mention all of the books published in this edition are so good and include some of my favourite stories. I think I’m in love.



These editions are fairly affordable as well, coming in at under $15 wherever I’ve found them. This is usually in Costco, Chapters (which I think is only in Canada), as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my beautiful books. They’re lovely and I stroke them every night before I fall asleep (kidding) (maybe). If you have absolutely no interest in reading, then I apologize and hope I didn’t come across as too much of a maniac. I believe that I must say this post was in no way sponsored, although I feel quite ridiculous typing this since no one is going to read it anyway. This was really just an excuse for me to look at my books instead of doing actual work.